Marketing Plan

Competitive Edge

Competitive edge for the I Am Portable Hybrid Trailer comes from superior design and investment of time to develop engineering prototypes. The products and offerings are protected by U.S. Patent and represent a sizable market entry. According to a recent, independent valuation of the intellectual capital of the I Am Portable Hybrid Trailer, the market value is estimated to be over $60 Million (USD).

By combining 21st century technology, clean energy sources, and reductions in carbon emissions, the I Am Portable Hybrid Trailer has a unique positioning in the commercial transportation and trucking industry. There are no direct competitors for the company’s business and there are significant barriers to any new entries.

Marketing Strategy Summary

The marketing and sales of I Am Portable Hybrid Trailers will follow conventional approaches within the commercial transportation and trucking industry but will be supplemented with special, unique marketing that helps explain the importance and value of the offering.

Part of our initial funding and investment we are seeking will be used to develop professional marketing in traditional formats like TV, radio and print. These advertising venues will be specifically targeted for the commercial transportation and trucking industries. For example, newspapers, magazines and trade association publications — which are used by the industry — will be our key vehicles.

In addition, we will look for sponsorships from partners where the use of an I Am Portable Hybrid Trailer can significantly contribute to their operations. By doing so, we will gain PR, news release and exposure for the trailers and our marketing efforts. For example, the NASCAR organization uses commercial transportation vehicles to move cars and equipment between race events. One potential way to gain additional exposure for the I AM Portable Hybrid Trailer will be to seek a NASCAR team to use and test our products and equipment. Their organization will benefit from the clean energy produced by the trailer as well as more efficient and eco-friendly transportation.

We will also recruit police and fire fighting units to test and use the trailer and related equipment. One positive benefit of our technology includes the vaporization systems we use to eliminate pollution. These same sytems and design can be used to produce water vapor along with the power production needed to run pumps and related equipment that fire fighters need. For police and military units, portable power and transportation systems provide much-needed services in hostile environments.

The green technology and tracking systems we build for each protable trailer also have uses in many other potential market segments, industries and applications. Our advertising and marketing will approach each one with a unique positioning and message that explains the value of I AM portable trailers, along with the clean energy capabilities of the systems.

As part of our marketing plan, we do plan to make contact with and gain support from the United States Green Building Council, Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings: While technically a non-profit in the construction industry, we believe that their support will help market and sell I Am Portable Trailers to their membership and constituencies.

Our marketing plan also includes preparation of materials and sales brochures we can use to review and discuss opportunities with investors. The initial investment funds we are seeking will be used in part to prepare marketing materials to present to additional investors and companies interested in partnering with us. Mr. Brown, the inventor and patent holder will retain at least 51% of the resulting organization. Investment offers will be considered through equity financing, convertible debt to equity investments, and traditional interest-bearing loans. Private placement offers of company shares will also be made once networks of individuals and institutions interested in the technology are developed.

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