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Many transportation companies today use tractor trailer combinations that are unsafe, inefficient and often unused. The challenge for most companies in the transportation field is to manage the inventory of trailers they own themselves or have access to through drivers and independent truckers. Companies must manage the logistics between goods and services that need to be moved from one place to another with the available supply of tractor-trailer combinations.

Unsafe trailers and rollovers are responsible for a majority of tractor-trailer accidents on the nation's highways. But, truck drivers and semi-operators have few choices in the trailers they lease or purchase. Trailer manufacturers have been using the same engineering and design principles for many years, without developing new, innovative solutions.

Standard trailers today are also responsible for inefficient energy consumption. The trailer units require use of outdated technology in tractor and semi-truck engines. The horsepower needed to pull the loads, move cargo on and off or otherwise haul cargo from departure point to destination typically comes in an engine that burns diesel fuel. Truck and truck engine manufacturers, like trailer makers, are slow to innovate and create environment-friendly alternatives. Once at the destination, engines, power plants, cranes and other equipment are used to unload the cargo from the trailer, resulting in additional energy consumption and pollution. Consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels by the trucking portion of the transportation industry is higher than it needs to be and is contributing to excess pollution.

One of the key challenges faced by transportation and trucking companies today is the logistics required to coordinate use of trailers with goods and services for delivery. Many times, companies buy or lease trailers based on expected demand and maximum capacity. When orders for transport come through, the distribution company's management prefers to have trailers immediately available. This excess capacity can often leave trailers sitting idle and empty. This is especially the case for specialty trailers used to transport automobiles, shipping containers, liquids, hazardous materials and other specialty goods. When these trailers are manufactured, production schedules are based on anticipated demand. Given the recent slowdown in economies worldwide, more trailers are sitting idle. These capacity challenges create additional financial pressures to maintain their trailer inventory in good shape, with regular maintenance in order to meet safety and regulatory requirements.

The I Am Portable hybrid trailer presents an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art solution to tractor-trailer safety needs, energy efficient transportation, and on-site (Media) technology. The portable trailer brings together 21st century engineering, design and manufacturing that brings the over-the-road trucking and transport industry into a new era.

With the I AM Portable Hybrid Trailer, companies will be able to positively address:

  • the safety needs of their drivers and products as they move from one location to another
  • sources for efficient and clean energy sources
  • using today's best technologies to address on-site loading/unloading.

The portable trailer incorporates clean energy use through hydrogen vaporizer technology which essentially eliminates pollution created by the commercial truck engines and burning of fossil fuels. Power creation systems built from renewable sources -- wind and solar -- can be embedded and packaged with the trailer. These systems create efficient kilowatt-hour generation systems within the unit itself eliminating the need for exterior power supply and conventional power sources. Multi-platform capabilities along with crane-based, hardware/software combinations and satellite tracking systems create a versatile, powerful trailer that meets demand for on-site performance.

The I Am Portable Hybrid Trailer is unique within the commercial tractor-trailer and transport industry. Other trucks and trailers being manufactured today are based on production and operation models that are outdated and years behind today's technologies and available systems. Tractor-trailer combinations that are on the road are inefficient and continue to use non-renewable energy in environmentally harmful ways. In addition, once today's trailers arrive on-site, there is no further support for the work that needs to be done.

The I Am Portable Trailer business model will drive a profitable enterprise through sales and distribution throughout the commercial trucking and transportation industry. Sales of the I Am Portable units will include trailers, trailer-container combinations, and retrofitting of units to existing semi-trucks. Trailers will also be available for lease following standard industry protocols and lease agreements.

Trailers will be manufactured in several sizes ranging from 30 ft. to 53 ft. to accommodate different needs within the commercial trucking and transportation industry. Containers will be offered in a variety of configurations to meet industry needs for transporting bulk goods or cargo, automobiles, liquids, hazardous materials, and large construction equipment. Combinations of trailers and containers will also be marketed including alternative energy production and on-site performance capabilities. Depending on the configuration, costs are expected to range from 45-55% leaving a net profit to the company of 40+%.

Dealer networks and licensing agreements will be used to promote and market the I Am Portable Hybrid Trailer throughout the worldwide commercial transportation industry. Revenue from these agreements and contracts are expected to be another source of profitable revenue for the company.

In addition to these sources, the company expects earn charge-back fees from kilowatt-hour usage and power generation from the portable units that have these capabilities installed. Technologies will be installed to track power creation and use building in reporting capabilities through mobile and satellite technologies.

The I Am Portable Hybrid Trailers corporation is seeking initial investment funding of $1 million. These funds will be used to create manufacturing, operations and marketing sections of the company in order to proceed with the company's plans. Raising capital from individual and institutional investors will also be part of the initial operations of the company. Sources will be used to raise an additional $5 million as the company begins its operations to seed primarily manufacturing and marketing activities. Approximately 9,000,000 shares will be issued by the company in return for investor capital. Mr. Ronald Brown, the inventor and patent holder of the I Am Portable Hybrid Trailer will retain majority share in the corporation.

All initial funding is expected to be returned, with slightly higher than market rate of return, within the first 5 years of the company's operations.

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